"Altitude request not needed after check in" command

So I have recently been promoted to officer in IFATC and I have noticed something a lot of pilots do when contacting radar after departing an airport. A bunch of pilots check in, and then they request an altitude assignment. Since check in implies continue as filed, you should be able to climb to whatever altitude you want. Hopefully this command can be put into the game so we can teach our pilots better!

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Excuse me sir, I got a little bit lost through your topic. Are you trying to issue an advice or is this a feature suggestion?

As far as I know we are not suppose to issue the altitude change request due to what you mentioned previously, however, I’m still curious how this is a feature for the future.

If you are just trying to advice pilots to don’t repeat the mistakes this is not the category that you need, I’d recommend to move this to General.

This is a feature request. This is a common issue with Departure and Center frequencies

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Yeah, had to read it couple of time to get the point!

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To play devils advocate in infinite flight you often don’t have a pre assigned altitude. In real life when you get a clearance you have an initial altitude and an expect in usually 10 minutes altitude, in infinite flight you don’t have that. Most flights in infinite flight are treated as IFR(ish) I’ll say, so confirming altitude climbing too isn’t unreasonable. What would be better was if we could have a checking in climbing to X altitude call. That’s what we do irl, “approach Skyhawk N12345 with you leaving 1,500 for 5,000” or something along those lines. Now ATC should have all this information irl but it is a good confirmation if everyone isn’t too busy and would be especially helpful in infinite flight because the controller doesn’t know what altitude I am planning to climb too.