Altitude request in busy ATC

Often when I’m very busy whit controlling the ATC Approach, there is a kaos because there is alot of altitude changes all around I had to deal with.
Is there a command there says that I can’t response on altitudes, because I’m too busy


You can say “frequency is busy, be patient” or use “please only request important messages”


I don’t think it will solve the problem.

You can expect these kinds of issues with inexperienced pilots on the training servers, unfortunately.

Its better you ignore…i know its annoying but still…i have heard it on expert server several times … as a pilot either you have to trust the controller or you should be flying to some other destination😃

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This problem is not restricted to training servers. It’s crept in the expert server as well. Broadcast: “Attention all aircrafts,altitude requests not needed in flight following or VFR flights”. Nothing else we can do at this point.


But ignoring makes just my ATC board flashing all the time

@Panduro… Max Sez: Lot of unanswered questions my friend. What Server? Are they “Checked in”? . Are they filed?
In most cases spurious transmissions may be responded to at Controllers discretion work load dependent. Ignore the Xmit. Flashing board, clean it up. Flush the flasher.

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