Altitude Record

Ahh, thanks

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Oh yes I had a similar glitch where I was about to crash but it glitches me under the Earth.

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We all know Laura wins this easily.
She can go to the moon if she wants to.


Yes but the thing is, the records thread is for us community peasants, not for Infinite Flight Goddesses 😆 hehe

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I’m currently at 65M ft and climbing lmao

Mate, if you go up to around 100,000ft and stall. Doesn’t matter what happens, you will have no control over the aircraft due to the lack of oxygen to the engines for at least a minute.

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I just passed 100 million

How did you do that?

Hey @Ecoops123 can you please prove that you were at 1000000000ft. I don’t think that that is possible even if you are using the space glitch and diving into something like Mt Everest…

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Mines 200 million >:)


Replay will be added shortly :)

I could have gone to an unlimited altitude, but after 2 hours and 23 minutes of flying I got very bored and wanted to fly with ATC so I quit the game…

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Ok thanks, sorry I doubted you

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Thanks. The uploading had a few problems, maybe my connection, I’ll probably try another time.

Hey @Ecoops123 , you should post your evidence on here as I think that your 100M ft altitude is a new world record. If so We’ll Done! Altitude Record

How did you do that???

It was around 254,000,000ft :).

And the screenshots are already there, the replay is just extra really…

What device are you using @Ecoops123

You could try to take a screen recording and then upload that as it will be a JPEG file

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Would you get violated if done on expert or training?

Urm… Maybe for acrobatics around an airfield and that’s about it, since there is no speed limit on the F22