Altitude Record

I was wondering, what is the IF altitude Record?


I got 75.000 ft on an f18


My top is 163.000 in an F22. I am just wondering whether anyone can. Or has done better

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The evidence of that is at:


Well I think @Nate_Schneller has gone real high but my highest was 3 million feet or something like that

Quoted from @KaiM.

Highest Altitude AGL Reached
Completed by @Mavic
Completed on the 13th of December 2018
2,147,483.647 feet


Good idea. Why has thee OP. Been banned for the next 280 years?


Has that been created using the space glitch?

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I’m not sure and I don’t see that the OP has been banned.

What about " and the OP has been banned until 2291"?

He has been suspended for the following reason.

This user is suspended until Apr 24, 2291 4:32 pm.
Reason: Dup.

Dup means duplicate account.

And this is what I’m not sure about if he has or not, you will have to ask him.

Thank you.

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You’re welcome mate

How did he do that

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I’m not sure how he did.

He might have used the space glitch

Did 92 k ft in f 16 but then again u dont have control of aircraft,75 k around is where i have some control of aircraft but its to voble

Was that on unicom

If you go to 100 k ft in an f 22 and then turn off the engines. You will start to fall, you should wait 5 seconds before turning them back on and pulling up with the stick. Your should have some control at the high altitudes though if you take the throttle to zero.

Hello @will.rabbit and @TransportForLife. Yes it is a glitch, apparently a rare one. I have only come across 1 other community member who has had that happen to them.

I miscalculated my fuel for that flight and only noticed that I had just moments before I crashed. But, instead of the “Crashed” pause screen coming up, it instantly teleported me to that altitude. Proof of me actually being at that altitude and not inside the earth is shown with the siliwet of the earth in the background. I asked a moderator just before I put posted that record if it would be fair if it could be a record. He said yes, so posted it.