Altitude meter is glitched on the ground and shows around 400, sometimes 5400 feet when I'm at 0 feet on the ground

I believe this has been a long-time issue, but it’s a bit unrealistic as whenever I’m climbing, my AGL fluctuates and I have to rely on my MSL above ground since that seems to be the more realistic altitude meter. Not sure why this happens if aircraft are at literally 0 feet on the ground, but yeah. I’m sure other community users can agree with this issue.

iPhone 13

Slightly confused on what the issue is… are you talking about the fluctuation of the AGL when in-air?

If so, then this makes sense. The aircraft is 0 feet AGL when it is parked at an airport, as the wheels are touching the ground. When climbing, sometimes the terrain climbs at faster rates than the aircraft, meaning that the altitude MSL could be increasing while the altitude AGL could be decreasing.

AGL = Above ground level (the distance directly below your aircraft to the nearest terrain)
MSL = Mean sea level (the distance to sea level)


Every places in the world has specific elevation

i know at Denver it shows the elevation. it shouldnt be zero

No, like the problem is that at certain airports around the world, the altitude meter on the right side of the hud where it says your altitude, it sometimes says amounts ranging from 400 to 5400, and not 0, when it should be considering your aircraft is on the ground.

Talking about when you are on the ground.

Are you using MSL or AGL?

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It should be like that, never 0 unless the elevation of the airport is 0. Let’s say Atlanta, it should be at around 1,025

Fair enough, which attitude mode is most reliable in your opinion, especially for departures as I have specific heights I need to achieve at certain waypoints and sometimes I exceed certain heights with those inaccurate numbers.

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Usually, altitude restrictions for procedures are based on an MSL reading, rather than AGL.

This is supposed to happen because think about real life, if you are on a hill, you are at a higher altitude. Same thing with the Airplanes and any object.

What @Pingu said.

When your departing make sure to change on of the info on the bottom to MSL I believe or add the height you need to be at with ASL.

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That is MSL. On the HUD, the altitude shows as MSL, that means the altitude you are at from mean sea level. Not all places in the world are 0 feet above MSL, some can reach up to 8-10 thousand feet. For more accurate data on how high up you are from the ground, use altitude AGL. You can customise your tab on the bottom for different types of data, on one of them, make it altitude AGL.

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