Altitude Inputs causing crash

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It’s only been a few days, not entirely sure what you expect. Daily updates won’t really help you, me, or anyone else tbh. We’ll of course want it fixed and pushed asap. But is this bug alone worth a push? I’d say no. We communicate and pretty much everywhere more than most.

This feature is not essential. It is very helpful, yes. But not essential.

As it seems so important;

Sorry about the inconvenience.


I havent been able to replicate the issue now when i tried. I even tried searching for the original replays of the flights which had app crashes but remebered that i deleted them along with other junk replays a few days ago. Unfortunate but i still think what i mentioned above caused the previous crahses


@Chris_S managed to find a consistent (ish) repro for this last night.
What I’d like to ask is;

Could it be that you that are experiencing this is tapping “SET ALT” twice? With the first tap not bringing up any input field so you tap again then enters something and crash.

This question is directed to the users that have had issues with this, not the ones that haven’t.

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@schyllberg I think its most likely this. I just had another game crash when messing with the VNAV altitudes. I didnt pay attention but its either what you mentioned, or what i mentioned, something to do with: inputing 0 altitude, deleting altitude alltoghether or just changing VNAV values, which i was doing. If it helps i have the replay file for this one if you need it?


We’re good by the looks of it.
The root cause has been found and will be fixed for the next update. Not entirely sure when that will be though, but hopefully it won’t be too long! :)


Great, thanks :)

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