Altitude Inputs causing crash

Mainly occurs during flight…

Have you tried it on the ground yet?

I believe that this a known issue for android users. They are currently working on a fix.

Do you have any other tabs open, or large space apps playing in the background? music, etc.

Nothing unusual… Usually I’m cruising and on checking the destination airport weather I sometimes change my landing runways. That means I change the preset Vnav altitudes…and when I change more than 2, app crashes.
RIP Toronto - Abu Dhabi flight

Known issue only affecting Android that we’re looking into!

Sorry about this.


Nope nothing… My device only runs Infinite flight nothing else 😂

I’ve had no problems with this, is it only some?

It did crash too on the ground once.

Were you doing this while parked in a crowded airspace? Try reducing aiplane count to low. I’ve had it happen when I started taxiing.

Question has been answered no real need for guesses now.

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Please see:


We’re note sure of the extent yet I’m afraid. But it seems like only some are affected, yes. I’ve had people on Android that i know try to repro it without success so far.


I was not in a crowded airspace at all. In fact I hardly met any other plane along my route…almost everyone’s in Indian airspace.

Thanks for the reference. I use an iPad Mini 4 though, so I just set my airplane count to low in crowded airspaces. It fixes the crashing for me.

But this is a completely different crash. Please make sure to read the original post carefully :)
A very specific action is causing the crash.


His post is clear. I’ve experienced this in various stages of flight prep (planning, taxiing, holding short of runway).

In my case, when i reduce airplane count, it no longer crashes.

Might be connected to inputting altitudes for VNAV.

His post is clear, yet you interpret it like something completely random.
One very specific action is causing the app to crash, and have been on several occasions.
That is then the cause for the crash, which is why i posted about it being known.

To then suggest various performance related suggestions, without fully understanding the post or reading my highlighted one that indicates that we clearly are aware of this specifically… is causing confusion :)

Not might. In this specific case, it is :)


We both know that VNAV inputs are causing a crash, but when the crash happens probably depends on the specs of the device being used. The solution that has worked, for me, I repeat, is reducing airplane count, IF I am in a crowded airspace at the start of a flight.

We don’t know what device he’s using…

Actually, no. I’ve looked into this issue quite a lot already and knows enough to say that the performance metrics is of no relevance here. I even have crash logs to go on.

What you’re experiencing is related to available resources, while this VNAV altitude story is something completely different. I can with 99,9% certainty say that this user is on Android based on the error description.

Not trying to slap you on the wrist or anything here. Enjoying a good discussion :)