Altitude glitch

Hi, hello, so um I was flying to Las Vegas from Las angeles today on an f22 and when I was getting close I decided to see how high I can go, so I accelerates to about 1800kt and space-shuttled up I reached an altitude of around 140000ft and usually by that time I lose all my momentum and speed and I plummet down to the ground before regaining control but this time I glitched and I can’t go back down now, it’s like I am in space. I don’t know if this is intended or not but nevertheless I can’t go back down and I’m slowly drifting to the east. I am currently Denver and I can’t get down. Please help
Edit: I somehow managed to get down back on the ground and I landed safely but nevertheless it still happened I can post some picture footage for proof it says that I’m on 45k feet but actually that 145k it’s just that infinite flight was not made for altitudes like that so it simple write 6 digits.


Hey there! I was actually your controller at LAS when you called inbound at 147,000 feet 😂. I found it pretty funny, and that’s almost a cool glitch there. And that’s nice that you got down to the ground. Have a good day!


You my friend have experienced the space glitch, Casino - Vegas Strip style.


Yup I called inbound thinking I could get down somehow, but failed and it was very awkward because I couldn’t do anything and I couldn’t explain what had happened in-game.

Dang, the highest I got was 250000ft I would congratulate you lol, although make sure you do that on casual or training where no one is there lol

How do you do the glitch, I always hit 100,000 ft and stall out 😂

Ye I usually do, I didnt really do it much on expert, and I certainly didn’t want to go really high that time, it just happened on accident.

GUYS, it happened again, I’m on training server right now near Klax and I’m stuck at 145000 feet, this is weird if anyone wants to see come look.

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Alright, let me try this and I’ll let you know. I never had a glitch when doing this

Come to me I’m a bit to the north of klax on training server I’m sumtingwong grade 4

Gives me flashbacks to when I was controlling Shannon Center and Laura called in at about this same altitude in the international space station…definitely gave me some good laughs

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Ye lol I’m literally orbiting the earth right now.

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Update: I’m above kedw now and drifting to the east.

Tried at the Kennedy Space center. Didn’t work

Come to me.

Please someone come save me!!!

If its consistent you should move it to support.

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