Altitude Fix

In the Decent calculator in Virtual Hub they asked altitude in fixed feet. Idk what that means. Please help me to understand. Thanks! :)

The altitude “FIX” is the altitude you want to be at X waypoint after TOD.

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Fix altitude = the altitude you are descending to.

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So who many NM I need to add to land perfectly. How many Nm is the red line to the runway. They say I need to Decent at 2550ft at 100mn before my desired feet, which is not possible. But when I reduce speed to decent rate decreases but won’t that make the plan slower. What do I do. Guys please help.

If your plane is not slowing down then decrease your descent rate. The reason it’s happening is because the air gets thicker which provides more gravity so that’s why it’s happening ;D

There are different stages of descent. You are not going to want to descend from FL370 to the ground at a single rate of descent, that doesn’t make sense.

Forget about the final descent…thats what the glidescope is for.

What it’s asking for is say you want to be at 10000 feet by the time you’re 40 miles from your destination. So you would put that altitude in for the waypoint that meets that criterion and it would subtract 10000 from the previous altitude, giving you an altitude to lose over a certain distance at a particular speed and then do the math.

I see this so often in here. You don’t glide at a single ROD from TOD to touchdown. You don’t need math for that. It just doesn’t make any qualitative sense.