Altitude Estimates / Guidance system

Hey all, I think a great addition to the game could be vertical navigation, however, I know there have been multiple requests for that alone so I think there should be a little guidance system for altitude and waypoints.
Certainly in RWA, planes such as the a350, 320 and I’m sure other aircraft have, is a nice little guidance system, and a graph showing your current altitude and future altitude according to next waypoints.
I think without the help of VNAV this could be a lot of help. Depending on the vertical speed your at, either ascending or descending, the graph shows your current aircraft in position to other waypoints and future altitudes. As you increase your VS, so does the graph’s line and it’s gradient.

Here is a picture here:


Here, it shows what altitude you would be at, going at that VS, by that waypoint.

This especially works well when you enter a certain altitude for an exact waypoint, adjusting your VS for a nice descent. This could be implemented in the Map section, under WPT’s.

Thanks! works pretty well for what you’re talkin about

Btw I’ll give you your first vote to be friendly 🙂

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This is very much needed, would make my life easier and would help us make precise approximations rather than using our head


Thanks mate!

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Sure will! Hopefully more people could see it!


This implemented into the screens onboard would be good


You’re welcome! @dylonez

Make sure you check your arrival and departure locations to be sure that the runways lineup sometimes you have to edit the flight plan to line up with the runway when using simbrief otherwise be sure to use the approach and departure frequencies to hit your target

Make sure to vote on your own request :)