Altitude conflicts (A rant)

So. I’m sure many of us know that between the heaidings of 0-180 (aka eastbound) it’s Odd flight levels. For example FL310, FL330 so on and so forth.
For flights with a heading of 180-359 (aka flying west bound) it’s even flight levels. Such as FL320, FL340 and so on.

I get most times people like to choose an altitude and stay at that altitude all flight as they may have left their device(s).

But when using the tracks can people at least use the right corresponding altitudes?

I am currently en route to KATL from EGLL when I had to take evasive action to avoid hitting another aircraft heading towards Europe At the same altitude.

So can people using Tracks and in general try to follow the simple altitude manors?
Fair enough if you leave your device but if u do at least use the right altitudes

Rant over 😌

Anyway how’re you doing?
Ever experienced this as well?


As a follow up.
If your changing altitude or have awareness of what’s going on around and make the necessary changes that’s fine.

I agree, and on a server like the expert server, practices used in the real world like this example should be demonstrated by all pilots. It may only be a ‘game’, but some people want to play this as if it is a real flight using all procedures to make it so.


Expert sever has become more like training the past few months.

Not what it used to be which is kinda disappointing 🥺

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hey there :)

i understand this can be really frustrating but to keep the forum organized let’s continue this in the current thread as it is a duplicate

Was more a kinda rant then wanting to talk about experts behaviour.

Just one thing that annoys me.
But ye okie

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Personally I see this post as an informative reminder of IFR rules that should be used in the expert server. It’s not simply a photo of bad behavior posted with a few bad words.


I wonder if people remember that it’s actually opposite too on the NAT tracks, east is evens, west is odds there.

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I don’t think it goes that way on the Atlantic tracks. You could get an odd or even altitude heading from Europe to the US in real life

Yes, and these can be found on the NAT Track Message released each day and are NOT the semi-circular altitudes. Because tracks only go one way, usually all alts are available on the tracks.

Also note that in other countries, the semi-circular rule isn’t the same, e.g. France where it’s North/South not East/West. I understand that we can’t know all the guidelines in all airspaces, but don’t immediately assume that what another aircraft is doing is wrong, it might just be that they’re following the rule in that particular airspace.
The argument could be made I guess that as we use USA based ATC procedures, we should also use the East/West rule regardless perhaps…? 🤔

Easiest thing to do honestly it to just use Simbrief and have “step climbs” enabled. That way it will tell you what altitude you should be at, considering any directional guidelines, throughout the flight.

Example NAT Track Message:


Minor point but it’s 0-179, 180 is not split between both. Doesn’t really matter but if we are going for accuracy we might as well be accurate.

I think though this is really not that big of an issue. You don’t have to be a licensed pilot or something to be on expert, unless you happened to pick up this piece of knowledge by chance how would you know this just from playing Infinite flight? Not to mention that the means of progression to expert doesn’t do anything to make sure people have technical knowledge like this. I know this is a major point of disagreement between me and most people in the infinite flight community but I don’t think it is reasonable, nor productive to be upset about people on a mobile flight sim not following exact real world procedures like what cruising altitude they are at based on heading. Like these sorts of issues really don’t affect other people. I understand how issues which have more of an impact on other people would be frustrating, but this really has minimal if any impact unless you let other people get under your skin.


I think that’s well said. There are areas where you overlap with others on the ES where you expect some standard of real world-like behavior. But outside of these where direct conflict is involved, it still leaves a big domain where it is up to the individual user to decide for themselves what amount of reality is acceptable vs unacceptable.

Just another of many examples is approaching an uncontrolled airport. Do I follow a strict standard of real world pattern entry, or do a straight in, even though I see no one around.

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