Altitude change

When a approach controller tells you to descend to a certain altitude, how much time do they expect you to to send to the given altitude and what is a good VS speed for the Descent?


Just do what you usually do, around 15,000 feet you should probably be at 1,000-2,000 and under 5,000 maybe -700-1200 fpm

If they tell you to expedite then VS it down more


It always depends on the situation. If you see that you will have to follow a long approach path and you‘re already quite low, you can descend slowly. However, for example, if the approach controller is using two parallel runways with left base and right base, 1000ft vertical separation must be given all the time until both are established on the localizer when doing parallel approaches.
The controller clears both aircraft at different altitudes for approach. If you see you‘ll have a parallel approach, you get the base turn with a 1000ft descend and you‘re the aircraft which will be cleared at the lower altitude, you should expedite your descend in order to maintain the minimum separation.


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