Altitude Callouts

I don’t know if maybe its just me but sometimes the altitude call outs skips when I’m descending for landing. It says like “two thousand five hundred” and the next time I’ll hear it is already on the “one hundred, fifty, forty, thirty…etc” Can’t find any way to reproduce it though…


Once you go below the first altitude callout (2500), each callout is only played once until your aircraft goes back to at least 2500 feet. It is hard to find the actual reset factors and if anyone has actual information on this we will be happy to make it more realistic.


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We could add those indeed. But I would still be curious to hear from real life commercial aircraft pilots what are the conditions under which the altitude callouts are reset (meaning the full list will be heard again).


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Honeywell Mk VIII EGPWS Instruction pdf manual here…

This explains all 6 modes of callout functions, including but not limited to approach.

“Sinkrate, Pullup, Terrain, bank angle, new underwear required”. ☺

This is the documentation we used and it says that Callouts (Mode 6) are only enunciated once per approach. Now how you define “approach” is a different question. What actually triggers the system to reset the callout enunciation? Touchdown? Gears up? … ?

Virtual brownie points to the first person who can find a precise answer to this :smile:

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" The GA-EGPWS provides an altitude callout for the pilot, to indicate a
position approximately 500 feet above the elevation of the runway being
approached. When the aircraft is within 5 nm of a known runway, the
altitude callout function is active, and is then triggered when Geometric
Altitude shows the aircraft 500 feet above the known runway elevation
(from the system database). Example:“Five-Hundred”.
This callout is not accompanied by any annunciator lamp indications and will occur only once per approach. The Altitude Callout is reset when the
aircraft climbs more than 700 feet above the runway elevation. "

Quoted from P52 of this manual…


yea i agree

Retard call is airbus only, operators decide themselves about the callouts how they want it configured there is no standard. The Radio Altimeter comes alive but at 2500 feet on the airbus but not every operator has a callout with it.

and adding TAWS to IF might help for pilots flying (especially @night) in areas with mountains too

wouldn’t that be nice “low terrain pull up”

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Airport specific “MINIUMS” callout would be a nice touch to the sim. Just a thought…

Having the different call outs for the different manufacturers like the trade mark “retard retard” call out for the Airbus aircraft and the voice of bitchen Betty on the MD/Boeing 717 aircraft would be nice

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Now there is a bug. Call outs skip numbers, but not like described above. It skips 30 and 100, sometimes 40 or 20. There is no exact way to reproduce, it happens in most landings… Eg. “100…50…40…20…” Then touchdown.

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That’s probably because you’re descending too fast in the last few feets?

Nope, even if I go really slow it’ll skip some. Do you hear them complete?

I noticed it sometimes skipped one or two callouts when my V/S was too high (ie. >400 fps on the last 50 feet before touchdown).

Weird, It normally happens in every landing for me, despite anything else…

Skips altitude calllouts for me as well. I’ve tried explaining this before but nobody else seemed to have the problem.

This can depend on the terrain as the callouts are based on radio altimeter which measures the direct distance between the ground and the airplane. Not like the altimeter.

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