Altitude Callouts: Airbus + Cockpit Sounds

In addition to that, it only gives you the “RETARD, RETARD” callout. It does do the minimums, but it is the Boeing one.

Only $5 for the initial purchase yes. But that only gives you callouts from the PM. To get the GPWS, you have to pay another $5. So, it’s actually #1

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Who here likes the sound made when disconnecting the autopilot?

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This will never make it to IF …

I thought this feature might come along with the A350. I’ve wanted this feature since I started playing IF back in 2015.

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Apparently, it’s too hard to add it.



I fully agree with adding this!

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The reply from @Gabriel_f remind me how awesome it would be to have Airbus callouts in IF.

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Giving this a bump. It will be awesome to hear the “two thousand five hundred” as well as “retard, retard” in the new A330 as well as other Airbuses!

For me it’s works even after 18 hr flight

I’d still very much appreciate in-game Airbus callouts. Would make it accessible to every IF pilot.

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you should rename that request to “Airbus G.P.W.S sounds”

Maybe it would come out with the A330 rework hopefully

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When will vote be final last date to be finally started to be an update

We really need this
We have to differentiate the Boeing’s and Airbus’ !!!
I vote it!!!

Please, add this IF… I’ll remove a vote for this.

Fair enough is votes still on going or?


Why is it so hard to add this …

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I still don’t know why they haven’t added this already, it would make the simulator much more realistic when flying with an Airbus

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