Altitude Callouts: Airbus + Cockpit Sounds

Fair enough.

Yess! We need this guys. Please vote.

This is one of the most important features and it only has 21 votes ??

Why ?

Every time I fly an Airbus aircraft it annoys me that I have no Airbus callouts :(

Come on ! So many of you think it’s necessary but why you don’t vote for it then … this is one of the features that has to be added in 2020.

You can use IF Assistant and get the GPWS Callouts, but that requires money…

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But this is not necessary… every other flight sim has Airbus callouts so why shouldn’t IF have it for free ?

I get it, I sometimes think to myself, why does Infinite Flight not have so many features that other free sims have?

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Yeah same but this is one of the major features that should be added !

Is it really ok for you to hear Boeing callouts in an Airbus aircraft ? Come on !

Sure but I think it’s not right to pay money for a basic feature … but thanks though !

Could someone explain why it doesn‘t annoy you 🤔

Although I’m out of votes, I support this being added. For the sake of realism, we need Airbus cockpit callouts/sounds, it would add another level of realism to IF!

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Out of votes, but this need to be add with all the Airbus rework!
You have my support. 👍

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You can get these callouts on the third party IF assistant app.

But you have to pay

It is only 5 Dollars.

Almost 10 🙃

This feature is about actually implementing them into the app. Im sure most people know that you can pay to get them, but ya know why shouldnt be able to have such a basic feature into the app itself. As if it already isnt expensive lol

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Yeah totally agree ! It‘s a basic feature

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Just click on the link down below and search for Airbus Callout :)

Click here

Hoping to see this make it into the simulator soon!

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not everyone has the luxury to pay 10 dollars on top of the already expensive Infinite flight subscription and app, so please stop mentioning IFA.