Altitude Callouts: Airbus + Cockpit Sounds

In my opinion it really is an amazing update they should add and will help out the community and the pilots very much! Or get IF assistant

I’ll second that. I’d really like to get the two thousand five hundred style Airbus GPWS callouts. I have the “Retard” in IFA but that’s the only thing Airbus about it.

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Well I cant vote because my regular is no more :( I would live to see this though!!

What about minimums?

With the minimums callout would you have it like it sets your minimums automatically or you set them your self

You could just get IF assistant

Ok thanks 😁😁😁

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BUMP ! I think it would be much more realistic to have the altitude callouts of Airbus in Airbus planes :)


Honestly I feel lonely when I don’t hear the “two-thousand five hundred” sound along with RETARD on flare! This is a feature that is an absolute MUST in the game as its unrealistic to fly airbus aircraft with Boeing GPWS.


I don’t want this feature to go unheard. It’s an absolute must, and you can share your appreciation by voting!

twenty five hundred*

Also, you hear this now in a bunch of planes

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In game, the GPWS says “twenty five hundred”

I know, and this request is for the Airbus callouts that includes “two thousand five hundred”

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The IFC is able to discuss that the A350 cockpit is a bit big and now … they forgot the most important feature that‘s missing

Instead of discussing these little problems we should vote for this because this would make the game much more realistic :)

Cleared a vote for this ✈️

In my opinion this is the most needed feature at this point. VOTE!

I am out of votes but this is certainly very cool.

Wouldn’t IF Assistant run out of buisness though?

IF assistant is just an app running external features in IF. It doesn’t matter if they lose money as they’re not affiliated with Infinite flight in anyway. They’re a third-part developer making features that Infinite flight should have.

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I thought that the Airbus callouts stated “Hundred Above” instead of “Approaching Minimums”?

Yeah, they do say “Hundred Above”

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Fair enough.