Altitude Callouts: Airbus + Cockpit Sounds

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Airbus Altitude Callouts Request

Hello there! Today, I will be renewing a request created in 2016 which is the Airbus altitude callouts. You might have noticed in some videos or anywhere related to Airbus, that the altitude callout is different to the Boeing one. They both have different voices and different callout speeches. The Boeing altitude callout (which is the main callout in Infinite Flight) will say 1000, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 (plane touches down). As opposed to the Airbus callout (not found in Infinite Flight) which will sound like 1000…(same as Boeing)… 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, retard-retard-retard, 10. Retard: When the Altitude Callout announces “retard” the pilot is meant to reduce thrust to 0 and be ready to reverse thrust.

Why is this necessary would you think?

So in my opinion, it is really necessary for professionalism, realism and would help you land the plane (if you need help with the callouts) on Infinite Flight. Regarding professionalism, I feel like that having Airbus callouts in a Boeing plane lacks professionalism (my opinion) and of realism. What Infinite Flight could do is add the Airbus callouts to Airbus aircraft and would keep the Boeing callouts to Boeing aircraft. You might think to yourself that it results in the same thing, but not really. Knowing when to pull the thrust to 0 is an important point for the touchdown. That’s what I mean by helping people who listen to the callouts.

I obviously know that there are a lot of people who use the APPR system without bothering about going inside the cockpit but to those who use it, I feel like it is necessary?

EDIT No1: In-Flight Assistant is a way of getting these alerts but I feel like it would be way simpler for Infinite Flight to add them, obviously if they get the rights.

Do you think it’s necessary?

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IF assistant has the retard retard sound


It is a good idea, but Infinite Flight LLC has not been able to add it because of copyright terms. Once and IF Boeing and Airbus allow Infinite Flight to hold these sounds, we will not be seeing this anytime soon unfortunately. Good idea though!

EDIT: Like what others have said, just use #thirdparty apps for the call outs. Now for the authentic aircraft noises, just read what I wrote up above (:


As @MarkJudge01 said, IF Assistant has these callouts. I recommend you get this app, as it is 100% worth it and brings much more realism to the table. Don’t forget to vote for your own feature request though :)


@Lucas_Brien @Plane-Train-TV @MarkJudge01 I do agree that an application has it but paying another 5 euros for it, I would feel like it would just be easier to add it to Infinite Flight. :)



You get a lot for your money not just retard retard you get GPWS warning autopilot disconnect minimums etc

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I agree that adding Airbus altitude callouts to the Airbus fleet in IF will improve realism.

To clarify, the only aspect of the Airbus altitude callouts that IF assistant is able to simulate is the “retard” command for throttles which occurs upon touch down: IF assistant uses the Boeing altitude callouts while you fly an Airbus because the Boeing callouts are currently the only callouts in IF.

You have my vote!

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I would like to request this feature for the next update, We need airbus callout when we are flying Airbus with the countdown… 50…40…30…

This feature I guess is easier to add comparing like new engines sound or wing flex…
Developers please…

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We need it!

There are some apps, are called #thirdparty apps that makes this realism, look for them they’re really realism and usefull!

Just use third party apps. If nobody willing to pay for third party apps an expect everything from IF nobody gonna develop anything. If you look at fsx, x plane, prepar3d they all depends on third party apps. Releasing api is to build eco system. Community should be glad and make use of it, either make paid apps or free apps.

Third party app there is no Airbus altitude callout version, the current we have is boeing one.


The only third party app offering this that I know and use is IF Assistant, but as already said it doesn’t include all the Airbus callouts, just the „retard“ one. In addition it often stops working after flights longer than approx. 5hrs, while the IF callouts still work properly, so there is a reason to have this implemented.


This need to be added It’s not difficult

FDS would have to implement Airbus GPWS callouts

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Airbus says : 2500, 1000, 500, 400, APPROACHING MINIMUMS, 300, MINIMUMS, 200, 100, 50, …,10 RETARD RETARD

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Yes but IF should integrate this. IF-Assistant web site says that you have to restart your device to have it work well. Or kill applications (IF / IF-Assistant).
And yes it works well, but yes you have often to do what the IF-Assistant web site says.

The thing is, I don’t want to waste money for another app just for one thing I want. I really want the Airbus callout because flying an Airbus aircraft with Boeing callouts is just plain stupid and non-sensical. I’m a little surprised there isn’t an option that you can chose for your flight which type of callout you want… A little unfair from the Devs side. I am definitively going to free up a vote for this. You got my full support!


Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to land a plane and it keeps calling you dumb? I love this idea though

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By the way, the engine sounds are more Airbus style even on Boeing. Kind of funny.