Altimeter Selection Button

An altimeter is an instrument for determining altitude attained, especially a barometric or radar device used in an aircraft. Seeing that we will soon have access to the whole world, there will be major terrain elevation differences in many parts of the world. The process of using this altimeter would be fairly simple. You would read the meter and find out the airport pressure elevation for that airport, then you would adjust the altimeter accordingly and it would correspond with our altitude indicator.

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As you can see, there is a knob on the bottom left which controls the numbers in the Kollsmon Window.

I think the problem is pilots not knowing how to use it, getting confused and then theirs people asking in support constantly, although it is a good idea for that extra realism.


Then we make a #tutorials for it haha :)


Yes. This is a big win for me. Being able to select the current pressure setting displayed on the metar would help the use of appraoch plates, situational awarness and also ease the use of airport for patterns


Could very much work, could still confuse though. Best of luck with this idea though!


I’m not asking for a separate app, nor a multiple number of instruments. Just an altimeter :|

I’m afraid I agree with the OP. That’s not a duplicate but a thread on an external add on. This is a feature request for an addition to the game.

Great request, I’ll throw a vote your way when my other free up (I’ve bookmarked).

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It would make sense if we had all instruments and not just one.

This feature request is for an altimeter and an altimeter only. Feel free to make a request for other instruments that you would like in the game :)

Erm, no that’s a whole different app, already been brought into development. Please delete your post it’s incorrect.

Do we have different pressures modelled in IF anyway?

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No we don’t, I think the devs will first have to add working cockpit instruments before this. Great idea though!

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I think this would actually work with the new ATIS feature giving the altimeter. Otherwise the altimeter in ATIS is pointless…


yes do it, also add QNH for international.

Would love to see this for realism.

This would be great to have.