Alternatives to vaBase?

Are there any alternatives to vaBase? I am creating a virtual airline and those €50 are too much…

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Hey Sam!

What an excellent question you have! There are many alternatives to VaBase. Let me walk you through them!

To start, I will list some free options. First up we have PHPVms, Community user, Kai M has an extensive tutorial list explaining the steps needed to set up PHPVMS 5.5. Here is a link to tutorial number 1

Secondly, there is a CrewCenter system created by that very same Kai M.

There also is a new version of PHPVMS called PHPVMS 7, this newer version is a bit more complicated and there aren’t any solid tutorials, but here is a link to their website!

Lastly, there is VAM or Virtual Airlines Manager. This system is a bit outdated and requires a bit of coding, but it works beautifully.

Now, Let’s dive into some paid Crewcenters, usually more developed than free ones, paid crewcenters offer a plethora of features.

First up we have the paid version of Flare-VaNet the newest CC for VA’s on the market. I have the link to the features list here

Secondly, we have a new crewcenter not yet on the market but is created by a fellow community member.

Thirdly, we have VaBase, a great crewcenter used by VA’s such as BAVA, CAVA, and EZYVA. I understand you found this to be expensive, but I am going to include it on the list so you can compare it!

In Conclusion, there are tons of amazing CrewCenters you can choose from. You can also code your own just like VA’s such as DLVA! Please do not hesitate o let me know if you have any questions!


Woah! Thank you so much! :)


Yea hey, VACenter is in a closed beta form and is completely free, you just host it yourself. PM me if you want to join the beta

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