Alternative to ghost for PG Server?

If atc ghost you, you steal online but your name color turn red and your aircraft is visible in 10% opacity.

Controllers on the Playground server are unable to ghost users and Advanced ATC should not be ghosting on the Playground if they’re practicing approach. Please report if Advanced Controllers are ghosting on the PG. Thank you!


Just an idea… I think this can be a great option

Oh, you’re making a suggestion. Gotcha! Thanks :)


Its a feature request :)

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Don’t think it would be a good idea making ghosting available for everyone. It could be misused too easy. PG is for ATC learn how everything works but they still make big mistakes. So they could ghost someone that they think is doing something wrong while it’s them.


Perhaps if PG server could be divided into two, pilots with XP between 20k and 25k get ghosted in preparation for the advanced server.

Yes, but some pilots still choose to fly there, because they can get away with their actions.

And as many people call them, they are

Hawker Siddeley Nimrods…

It’s less about the pilots - it’s about the controllers. If you enable ghosting on PG you would have to take a test before you get permissions to ghost which is not really the sense of the PG server. The thing Nimrods have to understand is that the Freeflight Server is there for them :)


@Tyler_Shelton- Are they allowed to nip on and ghost a clear troll? I have seen people asking bout that on the forum…

No, we just say no ghosting across the board so that it’s fair and not left up to interpretation. We rely on the pilots to moderate the PG by the ‘report user’ function.