Alternative payment methods for a subscription

Hello community.

In connection with my country’s invasion of the territory of a sovereign state, Apple and Google have officially banned anything from buying any subscriptions and products in their own digital distribution stores, and therefore I have no way to pay for a subscription in my favorite simulator, in which I have already spent over 1.000 hours. Are there any alternative ways to pay for a subscription so as not to interrupt the great experience of interaction with Infinite Flight?



As far as I am aware, the only way to pay for an IF subscription is through the Apple App store and Google Play.

I’m sure there are different methods of paying for and getting the app. But I would not pursue any third party sites or apps to give you access to infinite flight.

You can pay with a gift card. I currently pay with iTunes gift card and its so easy to use. Have you tried it?

Sorry to hear this.

For Google, they stopped supporting payments for subscriptions because they only used Mastercard/Visa, which are no longer available due to the sanctions. It looks like Apple have followed suit and discontinued MIR support as well.

We currently don’t offer other methods for purchasing subscriptions as all our transactions are done through Google and Apple. We’ll keep looking into this as it’s an evolving situation and will let you know if we have any updates.

If any third party site (that isn’t Google Play or the App Store) claims to offer access to Infinite Flight, it’s a scam - please avoid those.


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