Alternative FNF! Battle of the LoCos! @ EGBB - 112000ZMAR16

Server: Advanced + ATC PG + Free Flight

Region: *London Region *

Airport: See NOTM

Time: 2000Z Friday 11th to 1100Z Saturday 12th

NOTAM: Battle of the Low Cost Airlines!


IFWP presents Saturday Night Flight (SNF) in the London Region. This is now on Friday night as IF have moved their FNF to same time slot as our SNF. Join us in either your B738 (Ryan Air), A320 (EasyJet) or the new Dash-8 Q400 (Flybe).

Easy Jet V’s Ryan Air! Flying from the respective bases to Birmingham, quick turnaround on the ground and then on to your base via a Touch and Go to finish!

If the Dash 8 is released to IOS in time then there will be an option for FlyBe pilots too otherwise the ERJ Flybe is your oyster!

  • RYAN AIR start at EGSS, fly to EGBB, taxi to gate and then fly to EGKK, touch and go before return to EGSS to finish

  • EasyJet start at EGKK, fly to EGBB, taxi to gate and then fly to EGLL, touch and go before returning to EGKK to finish

  • FlyBe starts at EGHI, fly to EGBB, taxi to gate and then fly back to EGHI.

Details of SID / STAR along with examples of flight plans will be added prior to the event. Post pictures of your attendance below and remember to visit the IFWP facebook page for on-going events!


B737-8* ;)

Stand corrected! thanks

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No. It is Southampton.

Anyway, this looks fun. I’ll turn up in the Dash if it’s on iOS.

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Flybe is also on the E-195


True, but want to keep it to the three aircraft type! Of corse of other aircraft turn up that’s ok too!

I’ll be in the Dash :)

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Would love if that had Exeter ( and also NewQuay) in the system…EGHI is Southampton, nice place to fly I and out over the Solent!

Come join the Alternative FNF in the London Region!!

Coming right now

Taxi to gate and then fly to EGLL - you mean land, taxi to parking, and then push back straight away and take off? wot?

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Damn it I missed it