Alternative controlling method for IF

I’ve been flying for quite sometime on IF, though i love the game controls and UI. AN alternative way to control my Aircraft has always enticed me. I tried using a playstation controller it was a nice experience I could control the plane much better with the analog stick and get that perfect flare upon landings but the controller had less buttons and it used to auto shut off after some time of inactivity :/ not practical for even a medium haul flight.
Are there other better options similar to this?

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No, unfortunately I haven’t heard of any.

Go see Aviator Dan on YT he made a video on how to setup IF on PC
I hope this is what you’re looking for


Even though Dan showed you all how to do it on the PC, that won’t exactly work the way you think, because at this point, there is no way to actually fly the plane on PC. Bluetooth connections don’t work to Infinite Flight there, so it’s kind of useless.

My recommendation would be to use @ tomthetank’s [Out Now] Fly-by-Wire 2.0 | Mobile Yoke and Joystick for iOS. (and I quote by Tom)

“Fly-by-Wire uses Infinite Flight’s Connect API to send and receive commands from the simulator. Fly-by-Wire allows your phone to function as a yoke or joystick, along with a full set of flight controls. Simply turn it on, connect it, and off you go.”

I would recommend it as an alternative way to control the plane, and it works very well. The only thing is, you do need 2 devices. I recommend playing Infinite Flight on your iPad, and have fly-by-wire open on your phone.

You can also try Map Connect, but it is very buggy sill (because it’s new), but it does let you connect your joystick.

Lastly, there is LiveFlight connect. It used to be the best a while ago, but hasn’t been updated in a while, so it’s very buggy and frankly dosent work. It will require coding skills to get it up, but if you get i5 working, it should be good as new.

Good luck!


I have two very new and very powerful devices… I can use my phone as a remote for my tablet?


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Exactly, you can fly on your tablet and use an iPhone for the tilt and screen controls.


I installed it, it needs a very strong WiFi connection to work… it worked for me about 5 seconds then I could not connect

Try restarting both apps before you use it. What aircraft are you trying with? Are you on a public (school, business, etc) wifi network?

Home network, only about half the controls work, I’m having trouble assigning tasks that respond on the opposite device to work, it says go to settings, 👍 then go to axis, 👍 but from there there is no link between my phone and tablet, the tablet is still controlling the axis…

Make sure you’re spawned somewhere in an aircraft before you connect.

Once you’re at Settings > Controls, tap one of the axes (for example, where it says Pitch [XX%] Accelerometer). When you tap, the text should change to “Move Axis on Device to Assign”.

Move your Fly-by-Wire device correspondingly (in this case, forward and back to control the pitch) to assign the axis. Repeat with the others :)

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i got it to work! its going to take some tweaking, but by golly i think it works!!

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Look at that! It takes a little adjustment, I’d suggest starting off on casual or solo at first, but I hope you enjoy :)

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Wow, So yeah I got it to totally work! And it is amazing! I’m running 60fps on the iPad Pro and controlling it on the iPhone 13 pro… and I must say, this infinite flight is a top notch sim!!! It took me a couple of laps around the field to get the hang of it, I completely will concur you must maintain a strong WiFi signal, if you loose connection your plane is going down, nothing to do there but enjoy the ride… but to have the controls separate from the actual device its on in my book only enhances the sim! Very well done! It did cost to add it but, its ok, its now on both devices! Really cool thing guys! I recommend!!!


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