Alternate zoom method in replay

Maybe an hour ago, Jason mentioned in the live stream that you could zoom with your thumb on the right side and that you could combine two movements to create a “dolly zoom” (I think that’s what it’s called) when using the free cam. Does somebody know/remember how to do it, cause I tried and I can’t seem to figure out a way

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Maybe new feature of 21.1?

No, Dan then did it after he got it explained

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but that’s literally a 21.1 (beta) stream

But he was flying live while they were talking about 21.1. Dan wasn’t on the beta

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uh ok then

This feature has been around for quite a bit. Go into free cam and hold your device screen down with your right thumb and move the device forward and backward as you would to pull up or pull down. Also, this is available not only on replay but during your session as well! And no the stream today was not a beta stream. Dan was running the most latest and public version of Infinite Flight.


Oh I got it thx. Never knew of tha.

Thanks mate!

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Laura was correct, covered in the flying guide thanks to Regan & Co. I believe they were referring to the left/right dolly method. :)

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