Alternate Airports near KORD

Does anyone know the nearest airport at KORD that has a gate for a 777-200ER? thank you

Chicago Rockford (KRFD) would be the most viable option.


Indianapolis (KIND) is also a good option as they can take 744’s.


Minneapolis/St. Paul Intl (KMSP) is also a common airport for diversions from KORD.

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@Kamryn @Aceorbit @Thunderbolt thanks for the suggestions

Lol I hat happens why do you need one? Fuel

Let’s see:

KRFD as Thunderbolt mentioned, they are a UPS hub so makes sense

KMKE is able to handle them, if the weather gets really bad at KORD, they will sometimes divert there

KOSH- Oshkosh, maybe a little further but it holds one of the largest aviation festivals, I know they sent a 747 there once for the 50th Anniversery so a 772 should be no problem

KIND- Definetly farther out (50 minutes) but FedEx flies their 77F’s into there sometimes, so that works

KDTW- Again, another one with quite some distance (50 minutes again) but DL flew 772’s out of there, and also if there were diversions it is another logical choice

Those are my suggestions!


yeah plus also bc sometimes when i fly into KORD and there’s ATC i get reported for not following instructions when i do

Appreciate it

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I can confirm this I lived in the Milwaukee area for a long time


KMKE is a good option, ORD heavies usually divert there. They don’t park at the gate though, usually they park at the air wisconsin ramp or the de-ice ramp.


Go to MKE, may be bias, but MKE is always a realistic option.

At KMKE behind concourse C there is parking and the International arrival Terminal
It called IAB terminal

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The majority of ohare diversions during inclimate weather go to Detroit (KDTW)

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I’ve seen a BA 772, LH 748, AF 332, and 3 UA 789s divert to DTW from ORD on the same day due to weather, so DTW would be your best bet.

Yep , can confirm KIND can handle the heavies since I live in the city , Delta used to use 767’s from KIND - LFPG and back until the it was canceled due to the pandemic. Fedex also uses there heavies a lot from KIND since its another logistical fedex hub in the Midwest. Cargolux also used there 747’s to Indianapolis for some time aswell.

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Agreed here, KDTW is definitely safe… delta had 744’s there, whether for passenger ops or not ive seen a few there irl before!

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