Altaria55's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

It’s quarantine time, so I thought “heck it”.

I’m looking to apply for IFATC, but not as soon as I get 500 ops.

Currently open at KDAL on TS. I’m not quite ready to open an airport the size of DFW. Come by for some patterns!

Airport Info

RWY IN USE: 13L/13R Commerical traffic, 13L GA

Winds: 6 kts at 010

Visibility: 10 SM


I’ll be open for the next 15-20 minutes! Please come by!

No bigger than a 757, please!

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@Eseriess you can land now thanks for coming!

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@Eseriess feedback is greatly appreciated


Thank you! Much appreciated.

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OPEN @ KDAL! Come by for patterns!

Rwy 13s in use

No larger than a 767

Here’s my feedback…

-I like the person who ran it
-I’d enjoy more of these
-KDAL is a great place for this
-I prefer left traffic on both 13R and 13L (as permitted on weather)

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Thank you!

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Are you still open

I am not anymore.

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