Alt & SIDd & STARs on FPLtoIF

Recently I tried a long haul flight & generated the flight plan through FPLtoIF & Simbrief. After specifying use of SIDs & STARd, a flight plan was generated accordingly. When I copied the flight plan into Infinite Flight, I noticed the following:

  1. The altitudes need to be added manually for each waypoint. For a long haul flight it can be quite tedious. Is there no way that the recommended altitudes can also be pasted into the flight plan together with the waypoints?

  2. The SIDs & STARs don’t show up separately on the flight plan if the waypoints are pasted into the flight plan. At the end of a long flight, if there is a change of runways, the change has to be made manually. Wouldn’t it be easier if one could simply replace the STAR?

I did a brief search to see if someone had posted a similar query before, but couldn’t find it. Also, I’m not sure if the above options already exists & I’m simply not aware how to set them up properly.

Would appreciate comments & suggestions. Thanks.


I would recommend adding sids/stars by tapping on the airport and selecting procedures instead of copying the wpts into the search box. This also allows you to request descent via (STAR) if center is active. If you need any additional help with FPL to IF you can contact @Chris_S. Also I believe this topic belongs in #thirdparty.

Yeah I notice this too. What I usually do is just copy the flight plan into my flight from FPLtoIF, then add the corresponding SID/STARs. Once I added them I then delete the copy of the waypoints that were included from the flight plan I got from FPLtoIF

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Not a question related, but, how do you add oceanic tracks? I’m not gonna delete 100+ points on my long haul just to put in the track.

I did this too because thankfully the waypoints were the same, but the point was, this needs to be done manually.

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Hi & thanks for your comments.

Adding SIDs & STARS through procedure is fine but then it seems unrealistic to directly connect the endpoint of a SID with the start point of a STAR, especially for long flights.

Thanks also for your suggestion to contact @ Chris_S. Will do so.

Will my Basic status allow me to transfer the post to another topic? Will try & keep this in mind for my further posts.

Thanks once again & regards.

Its on my list of things to add. The SID/STAR alts were added after I added SID/STAR to the site. It should be possible with the new flight plan format but I just need some time to work through it.


How about oceanic tracks?

I give what simbrief provides. If you have a membership with them they give more current data.

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Hi Chris & thanks for the reply.

Good to know that it’s on your list. Just wanted to also add the part about the altitude. It works be great if a way could be found to add altitude to the flight plan so that one doesn’t have to manually add it.

Thank you once again & regards.

Ketan Sanghvi

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