ALT LOC in APPR mode

How to manage ALT LOC in APPR mode? (LOC keeps flashing and APPR does not activate).

As long as it flashes you have not intercepted the Localizer.
Have you set the correct runways ILS to NAV1?

If you’re not sure how to use the APPR, Infinite Flight have a tutorial on how to use it.


Yes, I did.

Thanks. I have seen that tutorial several times. The LOC flashing only occurs occasionally although I have set the runway to NAV1.

which aircraft were you flying?

Is there any procedure to follow after that?

I was flying the A321-200

Would you mind sending your replay. That way I can visual the situation better?

You can upload it to :

Will try to do it. Thanks.

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It keeps flashing when you haven’t intercepted the ILS properly.
You can either leave it flashing until it intercepts it automatically or you can fly it manually a little bit by adjusting your descent rate with the AP and then activate APPR when you are close enough to the intercept point.


Thank you very much.

Sorry but I am having problems to share the replay. I am not so skillful doing that complicated process.

I got to the point where it says SHARE on the screen, but then I am supposed to ADD people or groups.

Did you upload it?

Not yet. I am trying to go through the process. Difficult for me. Sorry.

Well, finally I think I share it. Let me know. Thanks.

Just did it!

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If you could send me the link to it, that would be great. I can then take a look at the approach and fully understand the issues you were having

Ok. Will try that immediately.