ALS(Automated Landing System)

It’d would be quit nice if they added ALS so now we could use auto pilot for all duartions of flight.

Er… You do know that it’s already coming in this upcoming update? :P

I guess that’ll make you a happy camper. Lol.

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Well not exactly. The new feature just lands. That’s it. Landing only. You can’t use it anywhere else.

But when comedy the update

Not ALS. It’s APPR mode for the ILS system. There is no such thing as an ALS.

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And yes i cant wait! It makes it feel just that much more like a real flight sim

Next update has an autoland feature for ILS approaches and GPS approaches. I think there will be some restrictions just like in real life as for example EGLC runway 27 glideslope is more then 5 degrees which is way to much for an autoland.

That’s confirmed?

That’s what the Twitter from FDS sais.

Can’t wait for this 😀

Can’t wait any longer!!😫😫😂😂😂


Why does some airports have a 5 degrees glidescope? And what is the “risk” of landing on a 5 degrees runway?

I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that the standard auto land is 3 degrees. Anything higher would prevent correction and disengagement of the auto pilot in the case of an emergency. ILS is what proceeds the auto land i think. (This is probably incorrect)

Aernout is the one to ask, I am just roughly guessing.

EGLC has one because of noise reasons and London City and populated areas being near it. Normally it’s because of that or regional geographical stuff (like hills like in Lugano (6degree glide slope there!) Well the risks are hard landings and descending that fast is only possible with Props, ERJs, Avros and the A318 (the 737 can’t). The speed brakes, full flaps and gear needs to be deployed to be able to sink that fast without accelerating. Try the approach yourself at EGLC! pick up the ILS at 6000 feet ;)

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It’s probably down to the highs dense residential and industrial buildings and high rises located on approach to the runway, a 6 degree glide scope Is to eliminate hitting these structures on approach, hence the angle of approach being so steep

Nick did mention that!

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You can descend at a normal rate to 2000ft. It is only when you pass D3.4 that you start descending at 5.5 degree glideslope. When landing on 09 this is to avoid Canary Wharf.

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Do you think LX will fly to LUG with the CS100? I want them to fly their own metal to LUG :D

I doubt it ;) But it would be cool