Alrosa says goodbye to Tu-154

Source: candoeasy6b on instagram

Tupolev 154 - once the flagship of regional aviation in Soviet union and the airliner that helped establish many airlines in post-soviet was almost gone by the 2010s. Just yesterday, only 3 were operated - 1 by Alrosa and 2 by Air Koryo. Today though, the number of operators and planes dropped by 1. Yesterday, a sad surprise appeared in Alrosa’s vk group, stating that tomorrow will mark the end of them operating Tu-154. Today, their last Tu-154 - RA-85757 - on a route from Mirniy to Novosibirsk marked the end of passenger operations of this jet in Russia, leaving Air koryo as the world’s only passenger operator of the type. As of now it is not yet know will the aircraft be scrapped or transformed into a museum.


Sad to see it go. But I am sure the other 2 will stay flying for a long time, because Kim can’t buy new planes because of sanctions.


My grandfather was a Soviet test pilot, he flew everything, Even the Tu-154, I remember him telling me the story of when he flew the Tu-144, But sadly as all old aircraft, it must go.

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