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Hello dear pilots. In this request, I would like to ask you to add the ALROSA airline company. ALROSA is a Russian airline company, founded on the basis of the Mirny airline in 1995. Alrosa is based at airports such as Mirny, Moscow (Domodedovo), Moscow (Sheremetyevo), and Polar. The size of the fleet of Alrosa consists of 39 aircraft, as well as 22 destinations.
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ALROSA (airline)

CJSC “Air Company ALROSA” (Russian: ЗАО «Авиакомпания АЛРОСА», ZAO «Aviakompanija ALROSA»; Yakut: Алроса авиахампанньа, Alrosa aviaxampannya), formerly Alrosa Mirny Air Enterprise (Alrosa Air Company Limited) is an airline from Mirny, Russia. Its bases are at Mirny Airport and Polyarny Airport, with a focus city at Lensk Airport. The airline operates scheduled and chartered domestic flights. Alrosa Mirny Air Enterprise was founded by the Russian mining company ALROSA (Almazy Rossii Sakha). A s…


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From the website:


EI-ECM | Boeing 737-86N | Alrosa Airlines | Airyura | JetPhotos

EI-ECM. Boeing 737-86N. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online!

P. S. On two sides of the winglets are seen images of diamonds.

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