Alrosa Airlines on Boeing 737-800

Hello dear pilots. In this request, I would like to ask you to add the ALROSA airline company. ALROSA is a Russian airline company, founded on the basis of the Mirny airline in 1995. Alrosa is based at airports such as Mirny, Moscow (Domodedovo), Moscow (Sheremetyevo), and Polar. The size of the fleet of Alrosa consists of 39 aircraft, as well as 22 destinations.
How do you livery? Do you agree with my request? If so, please put the Vote, and rate this request. Thank you very much for your attention.

Wikipedia link:


  • by Airyura

From the website:

P. S. On two sides of the winglets are seen images of diamonds.

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Only one request per thread. So, you may make a separate thread for the -700.
Also, add credit to the image above, and you’ll be all good. :)

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Alright, Will fix

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Beautiful livery! I would love to see this and its def one of the better looking 737 liveries that i have seen. To bad there are few russians in the community, so this will never get votes

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