Alright the time has come

Today i most confess that I was a huge peanut with landing.My entire time doing landings i kept slamming my nose gear after i touched down and i wondered why but kept it to myself.Me and @Benny87654321 were flying and i told him and he asked me when i told him about it if i used brakes while i touched down and i said yes.Thats were the problem was so know i know how to land properly and im not a peanut anymore xD


Yeah you dont want to apply brakes in an airliner til around 65-80 kts (depending on the aircraft) after disengaging the thrust reversers.


Exactky what i was told :)


Those brakes will drop the nose down every time.


I learned that the hard way but on the brightside i flew with benny again and landed and he said i greased it

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There ya go.


Ryan, it’s part of learning and you are lucky to have someone to guide you through it.

I have to drop my nose gear quickly after touching down with a B767, otherwise it will go haywire. So, it’s something I’m still learning.

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One thing I found is to flare and just let your aircraft drop naturally. Takes up a bit more runway but if you do it correctly it’s an incredibly smooth landing. Of course this was in the Dash-8 so I was landing at about 150kt and it was at KLAX runways 24L so I had plenty of room.


@Mark_Denton In Infinite Flight this is mainly caused by the spoiler deployment (on some aircraft).


Not necessarily true. Spoilers don’t cause the nose gear to slam down. If that were the case it would happen to all aircraft and not just some. If you have an issue with the nose gear dropping because of the spoilers @Laurens then I’d suggest landing with a little higher KIAS or apply more back pressure on the yoke/side stick (device) to keep the nose up after landing. However, the issue that @g100m was speaking of, was that he was applying brakes while landing which DOES cause the nose to slam down, not the spoilers.


I was able to do a wheelie with the nose gear still up on the B767.

didn’t it sway to the side of the runway??

I know how it works in real world, but have you ever landed the 737 or A320 in Infinite Flight?
With armed spoilers the nose gear will slam the down (no matter what speed or how smoothly you touch the runway).
With spoilers down you will be able to slowly guide the nose gear on its way down.

Been playing IF since three years now, I’m pretty sure it’s a kind of physics bug affecting some aircraft families (737, A320, 747).


It was a mistake and you learnt from it so u aren’t a peanut :)

I agree with this. The A320 family shows this effect the most.

This topic title is such a click-bait and does not completely match the topic itself actually.

Also, to get back to the topic’s theme:
Don’t use brakes nor armed spoilers for touchdown. Let the planes’ nose touch down gently, activate reverse thrusters and arm your spoilers manually. After reaching 70-60kts, idle your reverse thrust and set brakes for the case you need them. Reasons are a short runway or instructions to expedite.
Don’t unnecessarily use them, if you see the next runway exit is at the other end of the runway, roll until the end and brake just in time to leave the runway with about 15kts ground speed. This is also important if you have to expedite for whatever reason.
If there’s a highspeed turnoff taxiway (a curved taxiway leading off the runway) you can easily roll out with 60kts or slightly more, you can easily brake down to taxi speed. The curves are not as sharp here.

I understand what you are saying, however, I don’t have the issues with any of the aircraft that you are mentioning. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is because of the spoilers. I also never have any issue with the aircraft jumping back up off the runway with more back pressure. I could see it happen if you have too much back pressure.

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I fly those aircraft that you mentioned all the time and dont have the issue having the spoilers armed for landing.

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