Already outdated and not the case anymore: Big news for Condor: Investor found!

Here is the simple flying article:

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Some real exciting news!


Did they ever cut ops?

No, not as far as I am aware. Not sure why it’s made to sound like it, but it’s great news nonetheless, that Condor is resuming some old routes like Anchorage and Fairbanks (most likely as planned).

Thanks for letting us know @RotorGuy!

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Approved by German authorities:

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Fantastic, thank you!

I fully agree with this quote from the article:

“ The regulator has determined that there is “no relevant overlap” between the activities of Condor – formerly part of Thomas Cook Group – and Polish flag-carrier LOT, a subsidiary of PGL.”

More on this here: Lufthansa will not renew its contracts with Condor following a recent change in leadership at Condor

@JulianB Ouch

LOT is cancelling the purchase.


Uhhhh for gods sake. Maybe a little selfish here, but BA has now canceled our summer upgrade to the 787-9, Qatar pulled out in the off season, but haven’t said much about when or if they plan to return, last year we lost Delta and WOW transatlantic. Losing condor is the last thing Pittsburgh needs… 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😭

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Now this is intriguing…

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Thank you @Ishrion for tagging me and the update. I have yet to find sources in English/German on this, but there were ongoing speculations over the past days/weeks.

It is really unclear how the German state will react, but certainly there is quite some potential for state aid with the German government being willing to support many companies in need. The question is whether this will also be applied to Condor with their ongoing financial struggles.

I hope for the best and some argue (e.g. AeroNews Germany) that the State will not allow any further airline failures within the already very consolidated German airline market.

I will probably make a new post once the situation is clearer.

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It said on the beginning at Condor will have new aircrafts, do anyone know what aircraft is that?

Why it the Polska Grupa Lotnicza so reluctant on this decision. They should have analysed and just said no instead of being so unsure.

With the merger being off the cards now it is really unclear what will happen. The B787 or A330neo might be a good candidate for Condor in my opinion though.


I mean they have now made their decision very clear, and it has been this way since a few days. They want to get out of the deal and they will get out of the deal.

We will see how everything develops for Condor, but government aid is very likely.

Please also see this post:

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Seeing the A330neo in Condor livery is Dope

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It would definitely be amazing. Would love the A330Neo or even A350!

I just hope they don’t end up like Germania

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I think especially if there on there own now this is really the best, and dare I say only feasible choice, cheap, and quick, that’s what they need, they need something cheap because especially after this they’ll be lucky to be alive, and there 767s are old, still workable, but they don’t want to be in a 787/A350 waitlist for years…

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