Already logged into account, you will now be disconnected

I was just 8.5 hours into a 10 hr overnight flight RJTT to KJFK (JFK with currently 1 mile Vis, and expecting to divert) and I looked up to see something like “already connected to account you will now be disconnected” or something like that and the live server disconnected me…??

That is wierd. Have you got any other devices linked to your Infinite Flight Account?

Hmmmm, we haven’t heard much from Mods or Devs etc but these disconnects shouldn’t be happening still? You should stop your flight and return to your account as per normal after restarting app! You will here more from the mods and stuff as the problems are still developing. Thanks

Yes, but it is downstairs and turned off… it is kind of irritating. My flight is still going, but being disconnected makes it a senseless flight. :)

Welcome to the community Steve!
Did you start flight with same account on another device during the flight?

Actually, i have replied to several topics about this :)

The usual cause of this (all the cases I’ve looked at so far) it continuous disconnects between the device and our servers. The connection is timing out multiple times (our timer is set to 20 seconds). We try multiple times, and some times a response comes through. But if this happens over & over again, the server eventually won’t be able to keep track of the current session and will believe it’s a new session and will then display this message.

We have been seeing an increase in topics about this, and are not entirely sure to the cause as we haven’t changed anything related to this. Could be an OS update causing this, but we haven’t gathered enough data to verify that.


Will do! Was just frustrating. Woke up this morning planning to land the long haul before moving on to face the day…

No. I know better than that. 😜

@Steve_K - if you could email us the replay file for the session, it would help:

Lot’s people say my internet good but i have issue on atc, live etc…people need to understand ping vs bandwidth. Having faster connection doesnt mean you have stable connection.Ping is very important for any multiplayer gaming.

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Yes, absolutely, I understand that you have been helping out with this issue… I should’ve specified within the last few hours. Like a “latest update”. Thanks for the info though.

Will do! Oh no, you will see my mistakes and lack of skill!!! 😂

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I’m pretty confident reconnects is the issue. I was connected to WiFi, I was also doing “inflight entertainment” Facebook, morning news Instagram and the Mrs. was doing the same. No more of this on my flights unless using cellular!! Ha ha!!

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