Already instructed to cross runway issue

As you can see from the attached picture, when I am controlling ground and I tell someone that they have already been instructed to cross the runway, the readback was “crossing you were already instructed to cross the runway.” This obviously doesn’t make sense and it would make sense for it to just say “crossing runway — —.”


Is this always happening for you?
I’ve seen 1 report of this before, but it have yet to be reproducable.

I noticed that it happened a few times when I was controlling SFO a few days ago

I see.

We would need a way to reproduce this to be able to fix it.
But we’ll keep an eye out!

If you realize that there are some specific steps that leads to this, please let us know :)

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Okay. I’ll try to reproduce it and pm you if I can find out what causes it.

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