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Hi, so I’ve just bought a Samsung galaxy tab A 9.7 and have had to buy Infinite Flight again as it’s saying that my account that I use on my App Store on my phone to download Infinite Flight isn’t recognised? So I paid for it again to have it on my tablet and now it is saying that it can’t recognise the email address when I select that I already have a pro subscription? Can you help rectify this at all?

Thank you.


Firstly, if you’re switching from App Store (iOS/iPadOS) to Google Play Store (Android) you’ll have to purchase the base app again (as you did) as purchases are not carried over from one store to another. This is normal.

Your subscription is a different story as you can use it both on iOS and Android without having to repurchase it. Can you please check that the email that you’ve signed up to Infinite Flight Pro with (not necessarily your App Store/ Google Play Store associated email) is correct? If you’re logging in to Infinite Flight with the same email that your Pro subscription is tied to, you’ll be able to access it on your new device.

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Hi Jason And Thanks For Your Concern.
If you have Infinite Flight on a separate device, then make sure that you save your login info for,

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
    (Whichever one you use to handle your subscription.)

Once You know Your Login info, you may sign in on as many devices that you want. But, You May only play Infinite Flight on one device with the same account info.
Thanks Again!

At the same time. You can use IF on as many devices as you like - but you can only use one at a time.

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Ahh thanks I didn’t realise till after I’d bought the tablet however it’s still useful as it holds battery life better and I can utilise for slack comms when flying.



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That’s what i meant to say :)

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