Already cleared cache

Hello, I was taxing at KLAX when this happened:

I quit the flight and respawned for a second attempt. As mentioned in the title, I cleared scenery cache before taxiing. I taxied through another taxi way but at the same place I fell again.

I respawned a third time the closest I could to the runway to avoid passing over the place I fell. While taking off, I was at 100kts when my plane fell again.

What can I do?

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If clearing your scenery cache (and restarting the app afterwards) isn’t working, you may be in the rare situation that you’d need to reinstall the app. Do make sure to back up any important replays to a cloud software before doing so, though.

K, I haven’t restarted the app yet so I’ll give it a try

Yes, make sure to restart your app immediately after you clear scenery cache.

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I’ve just tried taking off at the Training Server (don’t wanna disturb ES ops) and I didn’t fall, thanks

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