Alpster’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey there IFC!

                   Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!

                         Currently open @ N/A
                       Server: TS

Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are going to do T/G and pattern work.

Passed written exam, getting ready for practical, G3 or higher would be appreciated :)


Any type of feedback (good or bad) is appreciated! Honesty is key!

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Read this to make this thread more professional!

I wish I could come, but unfortunately can’t 😔

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Thank you! Another time then…

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Hi Alpster, KNUC may not be the best option for ATC practice since it only has one runway. Next time make sure you pick airports where most trolls won’t bother you and has atleast two runways; so that you can be tested on what to do if “pilot asks for runway change”.

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That’s actually a great idea. I may change soon. Thank you :)

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Yep I am still there!

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@Usman_A , yeah now I see, the heavier traffic gets it’s harder to sequence aircraft since it’s a small airspace…

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im hopping in man :)

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There are some fighter jets that don’t follow my instructions. I am trying my best to keep them under control…

I’ve been active for 1.5 hours and it’s 1:30 am so I don’t know how efficient I was. Thanks for all those who joined! Good day!

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Hi there, I was N214ON. Overall, good job! I only noticed a few mistakes, but don’t worry they were small.

  • Sequencing and clearances seemed to be far too late, for all aircraft. Remember that for aircraft remaining in the pattern, you should clear them on crosswind or early downwind. I saw multiple aircraft being cleared on final. Besides sequencing late, the sequencing itself seemed pretty on point!
  • I reported right downwind, full stop before you cleared me. You then cleared me for the option, and instructed to make right traffic after the option. This was kind of incorrect for two reasons: Since I had reported full stop, you could go ahead and clear me for landing instead of for the option. It would help organize your aircraft into knowing which are landing or staying in the pattern, as well as knowing that you will have to give exit runway commands for the landing aircraft. While clearing for the option does cover landing, if an aircraft reports full stop it is suggested to clear for landing as it helps the organization and focus of the controller. Second thing about this, you instructed me to make right traffic after the option which was unnecessary since you had already told me which direction traffic to make when I took off. You only need to instruct direction of traffic once to an aircraft unless you give a new pattern entry to an aircraft (like in the situation of a runway change)
  • Last thing, my exit runway command was kind of late but it’s not that big of a deal.

Overall, you did pretty good! I observed the other fighter jets in the pattern causing you trouble and you handled them well. I recommend controlling a parallel runway airport next (like the user above suggested) then move onto intersection runways when you feel you’re ready. Keep practicing and I hope to see you in the Expert Server skies soon! :)

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Yeah! I think I have to blame my awareness on that…

Yeah, you are right. I’ll take that as a note :)

Yes, you reported full stop and I just watched you slow down, that’s all… I myself don’t know the reason why I issued “exit runway” command late.

Yes, I feel like this was quite an experience but since I only had one runway, it was filling up fast…

Thank you so much for your time and very detailed comments. I hope to see you on the next one :). Have a great day!


Currently open @EGKK! Will be around for 40 mins…

Closed after 1 hour and 28 minutes.

Currently open @ LGAV!

Passed written exam and I’m getting ready for my practical, drop by if you can :)

Will be open around 45 minutes or more…

I was open at LGAV for one hour,

Now switched to LFPG…

Come by if you can!

Closed LFPG after one hour…

Currently open @ KSSC :)

Come by if you can and do some pattern work :)

Request runway change please, I’d like to work on my sequencing…

Closing KSSC after 25 minutes with no traffic

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