Alpine tour : Verdon canyon and Allos pass

Alpine tour : Verdon canyon and Allos pass

This flight goes from Cannes Mandelieu LFMD (french riviera) to Barcelonette Saint Pons LFMR (french southern alps) and a part of this flight follows the Verdon river and its canyon and dams.

Server: Expert

Departure: LFMD (Cannes Mandelieu)
Arrival: LFMR (Barcelonette Saint Pons). It’s a small airport.

Time of event:

Please spawn 15 min before time of event

Flight time: 1h
Distance: 94 Nm

Fuel : 40 kg (don’t forget to lean the mixture during the flight)
Pilot : 92 kg
Passenger : 0 kg
Freight : 15 kg

C172s are also welcome

Flight plan:

LFMD LFMF 4338N/618E 4344N/609E 4348N/615E 4345N/623E 4348N/625E 4349N/626E 4351N/633E 4357N/631E 4401N/634E 4414N/638E 4418N/636E LFMR

disable LNAV at the end of the first lake (Sainte Croix Lake) because the GPS waypoints aren’t precise enough to use LNAV in the canyon. Then turn right into the Verdon canyon and follow it.

105 kts IAS until waypoint 4418N/636E (last waypoint before descent) to enable narrow following of planes (0 to 1 Nm).

Climb to 3500 ft at 500 ft/min.
Maintain altitude between 3500 ft MSL and 4000 ft MSL until waypoint 4357N/631E.
Then climb to 8000 ft MSL at 400 ft/min until 4418N/636E. Follow the upper Verdon valley and turn fastly right at the end of the valley to fly over the Allos pass.
Then descend to LFMR.

LFMD airport:

Verdon canyon:

Castillon lake:

La Foux d’Allos ski resort:

Allos pass 2240 m MSL:

We’ll be comming from the left side of the picture and we’ll descend on the right side.

LFMR airport:

Special thanks to @Asher for reopening this prematurely closed topic !

Hello !

The weather will be fine this afternoon.
We’ll take off from RWY17L and we’ll land on RWY09.

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Can’t wait! See you there :)

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Nice to see you here 😀
I’ll make left traffic after taking off.

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Hello there! Could I be ATC?

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Yes of course !

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Alrighty! Which airport?

I could provide ATC on arrival(local)


LFMD LFMR please! :)

LFMD GTS open.

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ETA LFMR 45 mins @CosmicLazar

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I’ll switch to there by the time you land


Enjoy the flight guys !

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You too! :)

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I’ll speed up to stack it up a bit

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Hey guys, sorry I won’t be able to control for the landing. Good luck!

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No problem. Thank you !

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Don’t forget to disable LNAV from now on.

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I think @Avboy_Mohammed6 forgot it lol

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