Alpine flying @LOWS 081235ZJAN19

  • Aircraft and Livery:208 Caravan, private 1

  • Route: @LOWS-LOWZ 081235ZJAN19

  • Time of Departure: 1245Z

  • Server:Training Server

  • **Additional Information:**We fly to LOWZ. Zell am See. Copy FPL:IQ300
    We land at LOWZ at the asphalt runway.

Your title format is incorrect buddy, follow the recommended format from Misha - Flight Title @ ICAO - DDHHMMZMONYY

Also, your routing gives nothing away. Where are you flying from/to?


It should also take place within 3 hours of being posted, and as yours is outside of that (4 hours) you have chance to change this thread and bring it upto the standard mandated by the IFC Team in this post: