AlphaWings’ ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED @ N/A

Hello. I would like to welcome anyone who wants to come out to KGRR, because I am active on the TS there. I am currently on Tower and Ground. Please come if you can or want to! (frequencies are 121.80 and 135.65
Status: Open @KGRR

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Hey mate, I fixed the title for you but check out the guidelines below;



Thank you!

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Hello everyone. I am now active at KWPK as ground and tower. Feel free to come down if you want.

We’re also open for pattern work so come on down if you want to practice

Thank you 👍🏾

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Hey guys!
I’ve decided to start this threat up again.
Status: Open @KDTW, Tower (118.4) and Ground (119.25)

Feel free to come down if you want, thanks!