Alphadog4646's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @KATL

KATL TG on TS is open, pattern work is accepted:) Come by and feel free to let me know or give me advice:)

Just for your information you have to be Ground and Tower first to become IFATC and when you’re a member of IFATC you’ll be able to take appr/dep exam (after a promotion)

correct me if I’m wrong


Like @Aviation-21 said, you have to be tower and ground before going through the process of approach and departure. If you don’t have ground/tower down I highly highly recommend doing that first.

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I practiced with TG i want to get good with approach and departure is all:) but thank you for notifying me

An ATC tracking thread is to hone your Tower/Ground skills & get beneficial feedback so you can join IFATC. Once you’re in IFATC, there’s a period where you have to climb some ranks, then after a set period, you can begin the process to become a Radar controller.

You can’t get into IFATC without the basics of tower and ground. I suggest that you study up and prepare for those rather than radar. We have excellent trainers within IFATC who prepare controllers to get radar certified.

I’ve been told. Does not hurt to spruce my APP/DEP skills a little bit before i spend a long time on TG is all:) If i even get in to IFATC

As I said, an ATC tracking thread is for tower and ground to prepare you for IFATC.

Unless you’re looking to join IFATC, ATC tracking threads aren’t allowed. I suggest this thread instead:

Ah okay:) thank you, it’ll be TG for the rest of life of this thread:)

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Sounds good!

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