alphabravo6’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSSC

Hey Everyone,

I had to make a new tracking thread due to issues with the older ones, so welcome to my new one!

I am training for my IFATC Practical Test, which I am hoping to do soon, so I can control on the expert server.

Here’s some info about myself:

  • Over 4000 operations
  • Controlling for years
  • Used IF for years
  • Real world pilot
  • Love for aviation

So come along to the open airport, do some patterns, departures, transitions, and approaches.

I’ll see you there…


Open at KSSC for around 1 hour (0000Z - 0100Z) Dependant on traffic


Runways in use: Dep. and Arr. 22R+22L
Wind: 170@5kt
Pattern work allowed: Yes

@Choccymilk is controlling at KCLT so you can fly between the two airports

See you there,



Wish I was there


Are you doing an event?

I was just about to open at KSSC - beat me to it! :D

Coming by for patterns.

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Oh damn, sorry about that

Thanks for doing patterns though!

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No I don’t have a subscription

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Oh damn, that sucks :(

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Yeah I know.

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@Jon_H Tell Me When you Open

I’m coming to join for some patterns


@anon41771314 if i tell you to hold short, please don’t request again, I will tell you when to enter the runway


Sorry, i didn’t know what you said. My network cut off for a second so i didn’t hear you.

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No problem

@anon41771314 you have your door open

its closed…

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The front is showing open for me rip

Thanks everyone for coming along, we have heaps of aircraft, meaning some awesome sequencing!

Keep the traffic coming!


Still open everyone, come along for patterns!

I’ll come back later, i’m fighting people right now trying to control KJFK

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Ok. Thanks for coming by before anyways.

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