Alphabetized List of Feature Requests

I guess you could consider this a feature request for the community. My idea is to have an alphabetized list of all the IF feature requests. An example is below, just imagine the blue text is a link to that request.

Airbus A330-200
Airbus A330 Rework
Air Astana 767
Air Austral 777
Air Botswana 737
Air China 787
Biman Bangladesh 777
China Southern 777

As you can see, the titles are alphabetized. I think this would make it a bit easier to find and vote for feature requests that people may not be specifically be looking for but might find interesting.


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I think this would be something that Discourse would have to implement. Unless IFC has a A-Z filter disabled.

You could instead make a wiki?

The problem with a wiki is that it would have to be updated constantly because lots of feature requests are made daily.

Not sure, if the admin team has a way to implement this feature. Basically, I am not sure if it even exists. It has been discussed however over at the discourse community, have a look:


Since it’s still a “request” on the Discourse Community I’m guessing that it does not exist. Yet.

That was a discussion held some months ago. Here is the actual request:

Make sure to give it some love ;)

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You know that there are 7’700 topics in #features with on average 34 being added every week, right? That will be a massive list.

And even if only every 5th of those 7’700 topics would still be open and not closed… That would still make a list of around 1’500 topics.

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Dang. That really is a lot. But what if it was possible to remove the closed topics from the list? It would still be a list of about 1500… I don’t know, just an idea.

A good idea would be to add this alphabetic feature in the Advanced Search box. There, you cal also select topics based on whether they have been closed or are still open.


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