Aloha @KBOS Longest Domestic Flight Event/Contest 241300ZJAN20

Summary: virtualBlue is having an internal event/contest which we thought we would open up to some IFC members should they be interested.

What’s it about?
Flying to Hawaii “with”
virtualBlue’s Chief Pilot @FBWFTW

When is it?
Tomorrow January 24, beginning at 1300Z

Where are we leaving from?
Routes included will be

-Pilots must fly the A330 Airbus livery
-Pilots must fly the SAME real world route and must arrive at HNL within +/- 2 hours of HAL89’s arrival
-Arrival at PHNL is currently scheduled for ~0145Z/1545HST/2045EST
-Pilots MUST use In Flight Operations by @epaga to submit a PIREP of the RW route being used. If you can’t use it/it messes up, take a screenshot of your routing at your Top Of Descent
Link: ‎In-Flight Operations on the App Store

What’s so special about it?
It’s THE longest domestic flight in US and in the world by flight time (not distance)


The pilot(s) who’s wing view (starboard side) screenshots best matches one of @FBWFTW’s real world videos or pics as judged by the virtualBlue team will win an iTunes Gift card for two months worth of Infinite Flight (~$20)

Expert: **

KBOS-PHNL: with KJFK-PHNL included

1300Z: Pushback is scheduled for 1410Z

FlightAware Data for Routing

Remember you MUST use the RW Routing-if you want to track via FR24 and LiveATC to try to get shortcuts more power to you!

Here’s some info on how the MAGGI3 STAR is flown into PHNL from a Hawaiian Airlines pilot friend:

No crazy event DM’s necessary, fly the route, log with IFOps and/or a photo of your route map.

For screenshot/photo submissions:

Attach your IFOps PIREP log to your reply in this thread along with some scenic screenshots with the caption where it was taken eg:

Pic taken while passing over: City/airport/point of interest

After submissions are sent in, they will be judged by the virtualBlue staff team by Feb 9th. Pilot Submissions must be in by 1/31 for review (and so @FBWFTW can post his pics for comparison!)



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