Aloha! Hawaiian 717 PHKO-PHNL

Hi everyone!

UVAL recently got a codeshare agreement with Aloha Virtual which now allows for inter island flights with the HA 717! This is a really fun experience going on the 1 hour flight between some places in Hawaii other than Honolulu for once in IF. Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Server: Expert
Callsign: UVAL337

On the ground at Kona as the sun rises on this early morning flight

Getting ready to go on Runway 17

A good rotation up into the morning Hawaiian skies

Over the Pacific near Lana’i

On Final for Runway 8L as an American 777-200 holds short

Taxiing towards the A gates as the AA 777-200 accelerates to takeoff bound for Manila in the Philippines.

Hope you enjoyed!


AWESOME! I love it when new codeshares are added

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Indeed, opens up so many new possibilities!

I love Kona😍 (and Honolulu of course)! It’s nice to see people flying this route, it’s definitely one of my top 10!

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Definetly, great place to go and fly on some nice short routes from places where you don’t see many other aircraft except for PHNL!

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You are very brave to fly the 717… Great shots!

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That’s always a hard aircraft to fly, it goes to beautiful places though. Nice work!

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The 717, when a Butter landing is about -800 vs

I have never knows some one to want to fly the 717… haha!!!

Fabulous pictures :)

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I didn’t want to fly the 717, I just wanted to fly the route!

Nice pictures! Did you get a Good landing?

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Thanks! Also though…how do you define a good landing?

Something less than -100 fpm I guess

Just looked at the replay, looks like a -370 VS

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