Aloha Airlines VA Looking for Staff


Hawaiian Airlines is looking for staff. All Position are open.

This VA is reserved on IFVARB and getting ready for operation. But there isn’t any staff at the moment.
All the jobs require over grade 3.

The available jobs are:

Chief Event Manager: Chief Event Manager will create events and informs all event managers.

Chief Pilot Instructor:Chief Instructor creates a training menu for trainee pilots. And is the head of all instructors.

Chief Pilot Manager: Chief Pilot Manager will be responsible for flight time, and pilot ranks.

Website Manager: Website Manager will be responsible for the website and all the updates that are given by other Staff that need to be put on the website.

If you would like to take a part in Hawaiian Airlines VA please send a PM.



This would be a great thing to have posted in your VA thread that you guys have up for recruitment and then changing the title of it to alert the IFC members!

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I`m really sorry to bother you

But can you show me an example please.

Do you have a VA thread for Hawaiian Airlines that is up on the IFC and IFVARB approved? (i tried to do a search and wasnt finding)

This reminds me of @Balloonchaser’s Hawaiin Virtual, My first VA. Memories.

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Not Yet. Its on reserve right now

Yeah, its looking like this is a Hawaiian Virtual that is trying to start back up.

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Ah ok @Toshiki, my apologies. My suggestion would be to get IFVARB approval so that you can get a recruitment thread up that you can also post from looking for staff. That way you have everything up and ready to go.

  • Before a VA/VO has a presence in the community, they must be certified via the process detailed above. Any form of virtual organisation within the IFC will fall under this criteria.
  • All posts in the VA Category must be approved by a moderator or administrator beforehand.

Best of luck to you in getting Hawaiian back up! i know that many in the community were a part of it before

Aloha! @Toshiki

We certainly appreciate your post about your VA today, but only IFVARB approved people can post in #live:va. Please change this category to Live.

I believe it was aldredy live.

No, he just changed it.

I`m really sorry for the inconvenience.
Will be careful from next time.

Dear @Toshiki,

Hawaiian Airlines and its affiliates have strict copyright laws on their name, logo, and all other trademarks.

Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t want Virtual Airlines representing their airline. They shut down the old Hawaiian Virtual in terms of a nice email that threatened to sue as we crossed their copyrighted material along with them taking down our website and crew center.

Best of Luck!


I can attest to what “🎈chaser” mentioned. Hawaiian Airlines (real world) has made it clear that they do not want Virtual Airlines built after their airline.

For this reason we hold strict standards to respecting these real world airlines reputation and will not permit VA’s to be made after these airlines. Thanks for the understanding.