Aloha Airlines (Transavia Airlines) (PH-HZO) Boeing 737-800

Hi, everyone, I saw checked on the internet for google information about the old Aloha Airlines livery logo when bought borrowed wet dry at least from Transavia Airlines only one time fleet is a Boeing 737-800 to ride more passengers for the travel to Hawaii short month the between from November 2007 until April 2008 the reason Aloha Airlines with passengers was bankrupt. The experience of Aloha Airlines when a little bit did not have to change the color paint short light green from Transavia and I know that. May you like the color scheme of the product wet (at least) the reason?

The credit photo is Dutch.
Taken Date: November 9, 2007.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM/AMS), Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱.

Aloha Airlines (Transavia Airlines) (PH-HZO) Boeing 737-800. Named: Makali‘i.

It to uses on Wikipedia.

Fleet the information on the history of the fleet.

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Aloha Airlines (Transavia Airlines) (PH-HZO) Boeing 737-800 the picture is the same. It’s a true story.

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Alright, and also me too! Yes, but I have my memory of a true story my dad, Kadie, Justin, and I went to ride the old plane for Aloha Airlines a Boeing 737-200 that flew from Kona, Big Island to Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii last December 23, 2007, and isn’t 800 ;-).

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I’m acquainted with Aloha’s -300 freighters

Never knew this existed at one point!

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Hey, I saw checked on the internet for google information about Aloha Airlines the old brand paint exist one fleet of Boeing 737-800 and they went to ride passengers interior the count for a total of 162 seats for travel between has non-stop from Kahului, Maui, Hawaii to Sacramento, California felt more stress than 5+ hours over the Pacific Ocean. Aloha Airlines received Boeing 738 that did not hub in Honolulu someone missed so, unfortunately. The true story.

The picture.

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another “bump” or whatever, very neat wet-lease, I wish they stayed around long enough.

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