Aloha Airlines 737-700

Aloha Airlines was an airline based in Honolulu Hawaii had an assortment of aircraft like the DC-3, DC-10, 737-200, and 737-700 (featured here).

While I’d prefer the 737-200 version, I don’t see the 737-200 being added any time soon.

Why we need this livery

Aloha Airlines means a great deal to me. Like American Trans Air, I basically grew up with this airline when I’d go to the islands with my family for Christmas every year and we’d fly Aloha between Maui, Honolulu and Lihue. Their customer service was top-notch and rivals any airline today.

If this is ever added to the 737-700, I’d like to see it without winglets.

If you like this livery feel free to share your feelings about it. 😁

Such a stunning livery on a stunning plane. I’d love this to be added.


Looks cool! although I kinda wish some no winglets airline were added in the 737NG fleet in infinite flight

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The 737 as a whole looks better without winglets.

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Yeah I agree

BUMP! What a beautiful livery (reminds me a bit of ATA’s final livery) and would for sure add some diversity at the sim!


Never knew this existed till now, looks amazing!

Well Aloha I love this livery on the 700